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Monty the Cav, Chelsea, Duke and Willow


We are a small family kennel based at Macarthur in south west Victoria. Our dogs have always been a huge part of our family and share time in the house with us and the "house pets" who live inside. We couldn't imagine life without our beautiful dogs hogging the couch and our beds and having fun at the beach or local rivers where we fish.  

​We pride ourselves in producing sound puppies with exceptional temperaments and put a large amount of time into rearing our puppies to ensure the puppies have been socialised for a good start in their life. Our grandchildren are constant visitors and as such demonstrate the fabulous temperaments our dogs have. Getting in the front door is often difficult with the four legged welcome and wagging tails!

For several years we had been breeding under the SYBECK prefix with our son Simon and daughter in law Rebecca. However, due to changes in Victoria with the Puppy Farm and Pet Shop Legislation unforseen issues has greatly affected Dogs Victoria as a side effect of this Legislation. So, we have again decided to breed under our prefix since 2019.

Alongside myself, my husband Greg is the chief puppy watcher and helper. He has also built all the the wonderful toys you see in the puppy yard, like the bridge, platforms, swing, dangly toys etc (check our Facebook page out to see the puppies playing on them) as part of their social enrichment.

The older dogs have larger platforms and slides to go up and down on, where they can be "king of the castle".



Willow  Jasper with the grandkids 




Duke and Lily                   


 Chelsea and Duke

Brig and baby Jasper        Chelsea at the beach with Monty the Cav, Candy and Jasper

Cass and Lily

gem paddy and pip2020 willow and poppy 2021

dogs in dam 2021 

lily charlie devon in dam 2021 poppy at beach 2020


gem mac and lily 2021 3 generations

pipx manny pup 2021 pip x manny pups 2021



Gilly and Sadie






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